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MarineGEO is a global network of partners focused on understanding how coastal marine ecosystems work—and how to keep them working.

We focus on biodiversity as the heart of healthy, productive ecosystems and coastal regions, where marine life and people are concentrated and interact most. MarineGEO marshals the Smithsonian’s leadership in discovery and convening power to advance frontiers in knowledge and provide it to policymakers to support innovative management and protection of our oceans.

Protocols are packages that contain complete instructions for deploying experiments, data entry templates and field sheets. Each protocol contains:

  • a PDF document that includes step-by-step methods
  • a data entry sheet to print off and bring out into the field
  • an excel workbook to use for data submission

Habitat and Community Protocols

Download zip files of all protocol materials at the following links:

Protocol Download Link
Coral Reef Habitat Download all materials
Fouling Community Download all materials
Oyster Reef Habitat Download all materials
Seagrass Habitat Download all materials
Salt Marsh Habitat Download all materials

Cross-Habitat Protocols

To view and download protocols that are used across multiple habitats, either download the zip files at the above links or visit each individual figshare protocol resource, linked below. Note that these protocols are included in the zip files above, if relevant for sampling that community or habitat.

Protocol DOI
Sampling Event Protocol https://doi.org/10.25573/serc.14555511
Temperature Loggers https://doi.org/10.25573/serc.19153766
Diver Visual Survey https://doi.org/10.25573/serc.14717796
Beach Seines https://doi.org/10.25573/serc.14925105
Predation Assay https://doi.org/10.25573/serc.14717802
Ulva Assay https://doi.org/10.25573/serc.14717808
Sediment Organic Matter https://doi.org/10.25573/serc.14925111
Benthic Photoquadrats https://doi.org/10.25573/serc.14717823

Protocol Development and Revision

MarineGEO follows a standard workflow for protocol development, testing, and revision. The entire workflow is detailed in the MarineGEO Protocol Development and Revision Process document.


Photos courtesy of our MarineGEO partners (including Ross Whippo, Scott Ling, Chris Patrick). Graphics courtesy of the Integration and Application Network, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science (https://ian.umces.edu/symbols/).