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We currently accept data submissions for the SED-BIOME network project with the MarineGEO Data Submission Portal, a web-based application for data submission. Click here to launch the application. Do you need to submit data collected using other protocols, including oyster and coral reef habitats, fouling communities, and salt marshes? Please email the Excel data entry spreadsheets to the MarineGEO Data Manager at marinegeo-data@si.edu. You will be able to submit these spreadsheets soon through an updated data submission portal!

The MarineGEO Data Submission Portal allows you to submit data and metadata to MarineGEO databases. The application will ask you to review and agree to our data authorship and privacy agreement before you are able to submit data. You must upload your data on the MarineGEO spreadsheets included with our protocols. Each file must be an Excel file (the file extension is ‘.xlsx’), or for logger data, a CSV file (the file extension is ‘.csv’). We do not require your files to have a specific naming convention.

If the application crashes or you have any issues submitting data, please contact the MarineGEO Data Manager at marinegeo-data@si.edu. Include the files as attachments with the email.