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SED-BIOME is the 2020 MarineGEO Network Project. Project downloads are located in the above box. View a video about conducting the project here. Data entry spreadsheets are unique to each site. If you need an additional copy, download the version for your site here.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns about the 2020 Network Project, contact Dr. Guibert Isis (iguibert@hku.hk) and MarineGEO (marinegeo-data@si.edu).

Online Data Submission

  1. Scan the completed field data sheets and save both paper and electronic versions locally. We do not require you to submit the scanned forms.

  2. Provide as much protocol and sample metadata as possible, such as the protocol version and contact information. Use the “notes” columns to provide additional information or context if a relevant column doesn’t already exist, rather than renaming or creating columns.

  3. Use our online submission portal to upload Excel spreadsheets.

Sediment and Porewater Sampling Shipping

BEFORE shipping:

Please send an email to Dr. Isis Guibert: iguibert@hku.hk to inform her that you are ready to ship and wait for her reply.

Prepare the package:

  1. Make sure that all the samples are well sealed to avoid any gas exchange or leakage. Please, use electrical tape over the parafilm.
  2. Place each tube in a whirlpack or a clean ziplock and place them in a box (or two). Note: The Whirlpack or ziplock will avoid having cross-contamination if the tubes leak or break. Please make sure to close them well.
  3. Make sure that the samples are upright and pack the box tightly with minimal air and sealed properly to limit heat transfer. We recommend using a Styrofoam box.

Note: Due to a long shipping time (probably a week) and difficulties to ship with dry ice, please ship the samples frozen without gel pack or dry ice. We recommend packing in a small box that fits the content as the shipping cost increases with the size of the package.

Prepare required documents:

  1. Fill out the invoice (“Partner invoice for shipping samples”) and the detailed list (“Detailed packing list for shipping samples”). The field to fill out are highlighted in yellow
  2. Print the two excel files and the RNALater safety sheet
  3. Add the three documents to the package

Ship the package:

  1. Mail sediment and porewater samples as soon as possible to:
    Dr. David M. Baker and Guibert Isis
    6S-19, Kadoorie Biological Sciences Building
    The University of Hong Kong
    Pokfulam road,
    999077 Hong Kong

  2. Share the tracking number, filled invoice and size of the package with Dr. Isis Guibert: iguibert@hku.hk and Quynh Ngan LE qle@legendre.cn


Smithsonian MarineGEO commits to provide:

  • coordination in the form of participant recruitment, planning fieldwork with each participant;
  • standardized protocols and templates;
  • data management; and
  • data synthesis, and lead writing of the publications.

Each partner commits to:

  • conducting the required field work;
  • processing the samples collected;
  • submitting the data in standard format to MarineGEO; and
  • contributing to data interpretation and manuscript preparation.

MarineGEO further commits to preparing the first manuscript for peer-reviewed publication, with all co-authors, within one year of completion of fieldwork, and to making all data publicly available to participants by March of next year.